Loves a local IPA and turkey bacon.

Whether it's a logo, menu or an interactive experience, Paulie B approaches visual design with a conceptual understanding, bringing high-level thinking to every solution he develops.

In 2016, with Sears Holdings, he designed the complete identity system for the launch of the Connected Solutions brand and also directed the signing install at the flagship store in San Bruno, California.

In 2015, he was involved in the creation of the Nicki Minaj and Adam Levine branding for their exclusive clothing lines at Kmart.

Before moving to Chicago, he lived in Tampa, Florida for 6 years where he was the lead designer for Vogue International and was involved in the beginning stages of the unique Organix hair care brand.

He also has years of experience designing for CPG and integrated retail. Currently based in North Carolina, Paulie B would love to help you with your branding and design needs.


Helping an up and coming artist create a masterpiece.